Flying – X Plane

Among many of my hobbies is Flying which is not only fun to fly but has other areas you can work on. One of those is being able to modify the planes that I fly. You are even able to build your own plane, have not done that yet. But I did take one of their default planes the Cessna 172SP and painted it to use as Corpus Christi ISD (CCSID) private plane. I am eventually going to build an airport and use that as homebase for the CCISD plane. X-plane is a flying simulator that is used by novice players as well as professional pilots. There are many people that build planes and airports for the simulator. I am slowly working on building an airport but it is slow porgress only because I have so many other hobbies. This hobby is very detailed so you have to put the time in to get any progress done. Anyway I will eventually post everything here when I am done. I will probably post periodic updates. ***Happy Flying***

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