Book Club Gathering

On June 30, 2018 we went out to our best friend’s farm to hang out with our friends. It is titled to the “Book Club” years ago coined by our best friend Terry and a long time friend Clark. Which means we get together on Saturday mornings at a Mexican restaurant and discuss current affairs, cars, and guns. This is where many deals are made and sealed with just a hand shake or “Yes, I will do it.” The way it use to be generations ago when a man’s word was his contract for a service and he would uphold no matter what. We got together and ate breakfast. There were about seventeen people at the farm. We ate and talked and then went outside where people that wanted to shoot went out to the back of the farm and shot while others just got together and talked. A friend of ours that we have known for years brought his recurve bow. Steve, Terry and I have done adventure races years ago together so we all have been into adventures and outdoors. Steve is now a certified Archery instructor. So we went out and he taught Jr. and I how to use a recurve bow properly. We had a lot of fun with that. You can see how I did with archery looking at the picture below.

Jr. had a lot of fun also. He has pretty good form.



The opening picture shows Nunzia shooting a MAC10 with .45 bullets. Terry came over where we were and grabbed Nunzia and said come over here so you can shoot. We did not think anything about it. All of a sudden we here an automatic weapon going off so we look over and Nunzia is standing there shooting a MAC10, pretty sweet. She loved it, but I told her we were not getting one and showed her the price of one, LOL. But now she wants to shoot every weapon in sight. So we will be coming back for the camaraderie and the fun!


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