J.C. Penny Corpus Christi

So the other day my wife and I walked into J.C.Penny to look for some clothing that I needed. As I walked in I looked over to my right and saw that the fitting room for men was closed and out of order. I stopped an employee and asked if there was a place I could try on some pants since this was closed. The employee pointed down toward the end of the store and said that there was a fitting room in the youth area, (yeah, right I am going to use that). After that we walked over to the left and this is what we saw.

What you do not see is an elderly man sitting down at the corner of the table with a look of bewilderment. I looked at him and said “Was this all done by customers?” All he could do is look at me with a blank stare and shake his head yes slowly. This poor guy just did not know where to start.

Corpus Christi residents are always talking about manners and professionalism and wonder why people talk about us when they come from other cities. This would of been very embarrassing if I would of brought in guests from out of town.

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