Getting ready for the COWS!

Today Patrick and I went out to the farm to work with Terry. We are working on getting his fences done so he can get his cows. We finished the front part of the pasture in the morning. Patrick filled in the holes and packed them at the fence posts. I wired the fences to the posts with 11″ wires. After that we went to lunch. The real work started after lunch.

Let the machinery do the work for you – video

So the video makes it look like we had an easy time of putting in the posts. But the videos does not show the real work that went into it. Patrick had to water jet the holes before we used the post hole digger. As you can see from the following this takes some work.

After that we pick up the post with the tractor and I helped guide them into the holes as Patrick went to the next hole and started water jetting.

Let the tractor do the work.

We were able to set three posts. We were going to install the fourth one before quitting for the day but we ran into an unexpected problem. As you can see the power digger is in the ground without the tractor. We broke the fitting on the shaft. We hit roots from the tree nearby and the post hole digger stopped cold in its tracks.

This is what happens when you run into tree roots.

We still have about 10 more posts to put in. We will work on them next Saturday. We need to get them in before the hot weather gets here. It has been nice to work in cooler weather. We are able to get more done. The videos does not show the work that Patrick put into this. He did an awesome job. His young strength and work habits helped tremendously. KEEP MOVING TO STAY YOUNG!

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