So this weekend we had our daughter Jennifer and her husband Alfie down for Easter. They spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with us. There was two things that I really enjoyed. That was taking Jennifer with us to the farm that my best friend owns. We go out there almost every Saturday do work. There is always something to do out there and it is physically demanding work for our son and myself. My wife likes to go out there because it is so calming and she can sit and enjoy the view, the serene surroundings and work on her articles for publication.

This weekend as I was saying was very nice because Jennifer came out with us and we did not realize until later but she had not been out there for about six years. Terry was really happy to see her. He is like a grandfather to her and is very proud of her. But it was nice to see her and her mother on the patio swing just talking and having fun. Jennifer seemed to really enjoy being out there. You cannot help to feel mellow and happy the ambiance is so conducive to relaxation. At lunch time we drove to a little town about 15 miles away to our favorite BBQ place. We had a great lunch and hung out there for about an hour or so. After that we went back to the farm and Terry treated us to coffee and cherry and lime pie. We sat out the back and just ate and talked. After about an hour of that we went by the river to get one final job done before we took off back to our house.

At the end of the day. They are the only one that matters.

Sunday morning at about 0830 Jennifer and I went for a run. I really miss those days we use to run together. I always feel so close to her during those runs. She is a grown woman now and sometimes that is hard to accept. But I am very proud of her. She has done well with her life. She is an engineer now, a wife and probably will be a mother down the road. We have always had our best talks while running. My wife asked me if we are able to talk while running. She figures we are huffing and puffing too much, lol. But yes, we have good runs but we are always able to talk. Being a dad with a child hood that was not so big on being a family that did things together I wanted to make sure that my family was a family. The way it is suppose to be. You may fight, argue, but at the end of the day, you are family.

There is nothing in this world that I would not do for my daughter. Even though sometimes I have to make hard choices. Because one thing everyone needs to know. My ultimate responsibility and love, is my wife. You can beat me, torture me, whatever and I can deal with that. But mess with my wife and you meet the other side of me. OK, I digressed, I had a great weekend and for a little while I had my little girl with me. Hopefully I can stay in shape for a long time so we can have more runs like we did this past Sunday.

What people have to remember in this day and age. FAMILY is what is left when you eventually meet the day of retirement. When you have those days you are going crazy and wondering why the hell the cosmos decided to pick on you today. Go home and embrace your family.

My heart will always be with my Family.

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