How to push a park car

So on Friday June 7, 2019 was an interesting and entertaining day. My wife went into surgery for a knee injury. The surgery went well. She went into surgery at 07:30 and we were home by 12:00. Our daughter and son-in-law came into town the night before so they could be with us for the surgery. We were happy that they came in and it was nice to have the whole family there with us. Our son was with us the whole time and he has been a tremendous help.

So Friday evening we are all in the living room just hanging out and talking. At about 09:30 pm we hear this very loud noise and immediately knew that someone had hit our son-in-laws car. I look out the window and there is a car on the side of the road in front of our house right at the location where the SUV was. I immediately went to get my gun and run out ready to get a license plate number if they ran. When I got outside I saw a young lady on her phone talking to her mother. She is crying and trying to explain what happened. I had the young lady sit down and hand me her phone while I spoke to mom. It turns out that they live one block over in the big two story at the end of the Cul-di-Sac.

My wife came out, and handed her phone to my daughter. She had already dialed 911. She should not have been up from the couch and walking unassisted. But she has always been good in emergencies. Our daughter put a towel around the young lady to keep her warm encase of shock. Four police officers showed up, an ambulance and a fire truck. All of this in about 5 minutes. I guess the police were bored. It was not pass midnight yet so probably had nothing better to do and plus it gives them time to talk to each other. The drivers mom came with a younger lady who looked to be a senior in high school. It was the drivers friend. She help console her.

We are not sure if she was drunk, but she did not look like it and the police did not test her, which I found interesting. We think she may have been on her phone texting. She did not go to the hospital she was released to her mother. A tow truck came and got her car. Our son-in-laws SUV looked like it was repairable but hard to really tell. The frame could be bent but collision caliber will have to look at it and determine that. We are just glad that no one got really hurt or killed. Saturday morning he was able to get a rent a car. Got a Dodge Van.

I was sitting on the side of road. How rude!

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