French Verbs:

Etre – to be

je suisI am
tu esyou are
ill/elle /on_esthe/she is/one is
nous sommeswe are
vous étesyou are
ills/elles sontthey are

Avoir – to have

j’aiI have
tu asyou have
il ahe has
elle ashe had
on aone has
nous avonswe have
vous avezyou have
ils ontthey have
elles ontthey have

Aller – to go

Je vaisI go , I am going
Tu vasYou go / you are going
il/elle vaHe/She goes, is going
Nous allonsWe go, we are going
Vous allezYou go, you are going
ills / elles vontThey go, they are going

Parler – to speak

je parleI speak, I’m speaking
tu parlesyou speak, you’re speaking
il/elle/on parlehe/she/one speaks, is speaking
nous parlonswe speak, we’re speaking
vous parlezyou speak, you’re speaking
ils/elles parlentthey speak, they’re speaking

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