About Patrick


You are probably wondering who I am and what this website is about. Let’s start with me. I am an avid technology buff that so happens to work in a technology department with a school district but I did not start with this job. This job took many years to for me to finally acquire. I started in the U.S. Navy at the young age of seventeen. I retired after 20 years and went into education. I taught middle school Algebra and Geometry and Science. After four years I was promoted to Assistant Principal and did that for fourteen years, thirteen of them at the high school level. I enjoyed this time in my career but during these times I was always messing with technology and learning everything I could. Finally in 2017 I was promoted to the Technology department as a supervisor in the Student Information System department. I am really enjoying this new job.

What is this site going to do for you. You will be able to read about things that interest me, and things that I just ramble on about. I hope you find it interesting and please leave a comment. If you do not agree with something, please be tactful. Have a great day!