Sighting In

So Friday June 22, 2018 Jr. and I went out to Terry’s farm. We went out there to visit and to get Jr.’s AR sighted in and to see the scope that Terry put on it. Terry took his AR about two months ago, this was the first time we had a chance to make it out there. Terry got him a nice Leopold scope. We put the AR on a sighting bench and Terry taught Jr. how to sight in a rifle. Jr. had a blast sighting in and shooting it. He was able to shoot free hand also. We sighted my AR in and then shot my Glock 9 and my Ruger .22 rifle. It was fun. Jr. really enjoyed it.

Here is the target of Patrick Jr’s sighting in. He did a great job.

Then it was my turn to sight me rifle in so I had to use something bigger. I promise I won’t jerk the trigger, 🙂

Well he is off to the Militia. We are going to miss you son!



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