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So I have been researching boots for about two months now, off and on. I have been wanting to get a pair to wear with my jeans, dress up a little bit. My wife likes the look of boots on a man. So after reading many different reviews I noticed a trend towards Red Wing Boots. Many of the reviews talked about how comfortable they were on the feet, many of these same people saying it felt comfortable on first fitting. I was doubtful about the boots being so comfortable on first fitting or even later. So on Saturday morning we were at Red Wing store right when it opened at 9:00 am by the house. Unfortunately they did not have my size and the one they did try on hurt. So there goes the thought of them being so comfortable. Well, we left there and went downtown where there was one other Red Wing Store in the city. When we walked in there was the manager and not anyone else in the store. I found a pair of the boots I liked and told the guy that the other store did not have my size. He said they would have my size because he makes sure he keeps up on the stock of his shoes

Well he brought out a 11 EE because my feet are wide. I tried on the shoes, and man oh man. I have never put on a shoe, other than maybe running shoes that were so comfortable on the first fitting. These shoes are very, very comfortable. I am truly amazed on how well they fit to the feet. These shoes are made in America, so that is nice. Red Wing will resole them if needed for $100.00. I get free shoelaces anytime I need some, so that is nice also.

So I wore them most of the day and they felt so comfortable, other than them being heavier than running shoes, I forgot I was wearing them. Later in the evening I cleaned them with Saddle Soap and waited until they were dry and then protected them with a leather spray. The saddle soap did darken the leather. It is lighting up a little bit now that is it drying up more, but that does not matter, the color is nice.

I highly, highly recommend these shoes. They are very well made and very comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Red Wing Boots

  • Nunzia Stark

    I love the shoes! 👞 ❤️

  • Red Wings are nice. I use their steel-toed boots for field work. Of course, my boots look like crap now. LOL


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