New Knives Collected

My Latest additions to the family!

So the past week I have been bidding on Ebay I was able to win the three knives on the left. The two on the right, the Old Timer and the Swiss Army knife I bought from online stores. I never went over $10.00 for the Ebay bids so that is good, but also dangerous, (LOL). It is easy to bid on many and before you know it you are spending over $50.00 because you are not going over $10.00 so it seems cheap. So let me identify the knives first.

From Left to Right:

  1. Schrade Imperial IMP22Y Yellow Handle Folding Blade Sodbuster Pocket Knife T.
  2. Fancy Dan Spanish Toothpick 4″ Pocket Knife Mahogany Handle O
  3. Grand Dad’s Whittler Brown Bone Pocket Knife Rite Edge
  4. Old Timer 330T Middleman Jack 5.7in S.S. Traditional Folding Knife
  5. Excelsior (Swiss Army Knife)

Now I have many more knives in my collection but these are the ones that I recently purchased. I am entertaining the idea of doing some whittling. I always wanted to do it when I was younger but just never got around to it. The three knives on the right, number 3 to 5 are good for whittling. I am going to try Old Timer and the Excelsior and see which one I like the best or maybe use both depending what I am doing.

I will post more as I get going with my new knives and hobby. Remember, KEEP YOUR BLADE SHARP!

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