Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels World Chronograph Watch

This is my new child to the family. This is a Blue Angel edition that Citizen made. The things they do with watches are really amazing. There is so much added to this watch. This watch has the following features:

  1. Eco – Drive: Which means it is powered by light, any light.
  2. Atomic Radio Controlled – Means that if you are anywhere near an Atomic clock tower it will adjust the time to the exact time. Fort Collins in Colorado is the closet tower at 1,139 miles.
  3. 42mm case size
  4. 12mm case thickness
  5. Dial color: Blue
  6. Second Markers: Minute Markers, World Time Cities, Pilots Slide Rule.
  7. Sub dials: Three – 60 Second, 1/100th Second and 24 hour.
  8. Water Resistance: 200 meters / 660 feet.
  9. Date display at the 3 o’clock position
  10. Features: Atomic Timekeeping, Calender, Chronograph, Leather, Solar, Stainless Steel, World Time

The dial on the left of the watch case is to rotate the bezel so you can use the Slide rule function of the watch. Yes, you can multiply, divide, square root and other functions using this slide rule function.

As you can see they put the Blue Angel logo on the back of the watch case. I have been watching Citizen for awhile and was not really impressed with their watches but lately they have been putting out some good quality watches. Of course Citizen is a Japanese company

Citizen launched the first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993.

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