New Fence – Finally

Finally was able to get one of my projects done that I have been wanting to do for many years. Our back fence was installed by a company that the prior neighbor in the back of us hired. As you see from the pictures they did a very sorry job.

I did not install this fence

So finally I decided just to go out there and start tearing the fence down. This would make me have to install it. I was not going to pay someone to do it for me because just the labor cost is 70% of the total. Quotes were over the $2000,00 mark. Why pay someone when I was fully capable. Here is the fence torn down.

In the process

This is after I took all the posts out and dug the new holes. The posts that are on the table just got painted with black post asphalt paint to help protect them. Each hole is dug down to 4′. The post that were in there were 8′ post with concrete. I had to use a 16lb bar to break all the concrete so I could get the posts out. The new post are 10′ so I have 6′ of post to work with. Putting concrete is just a cheap way to put in posts. Yes that is the neighbors house. He was a lot of help though. He took all the old wood and concrete to the dump for me. He also bought many of the pickets and help put them up. I had to take half of them down though because the were not aligned right. But I did appreciate all the help he gave. Here is the final fence after it was all done.

Brand new fence
New Fence

I finished this fence on Sunday March 8, 2020 the day before we started our Spring Break. I did not want to spend Spring Break working on the fence. So on the weekends and week nights I worked on the fence. It was a good workout and we were able to build the fence we wanted for the fraction of the cost.

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  • March 30, 2020 at 12:23 am

    It looks really nice! Man, what a difference between the before and after pictures!


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