Keeping Father Time Away!

Hell of a tire
This will get you breathing.

So I needed to find another way to get a really good workout since I sit at a desk all day. When I was on campus as an Assistant Principal I was able to do a lot of walking. Now I am a Technology Supervisor and most of the time I am on the computer taking care of our district staff.

So my Best friend (Father figure, brother….) brought me a tire after I requested one. I was not able to find one but I knew he would be able to. He knows a lot of people and they all do favors for each other.

So today I turned that tire over 14 times. Of course I had to take a couple of minute breaks in between. I was able to turn it over 4 times before having to take a break. Then I used a sledgehammer for more upper body work and did pull ups.

I built this
Pullup Bar I built

I also got in the middle of the tire and carried it across the lawn. Now that is  a workout. Of course our son came over the other day and turned the tire over 10 times non-stop. Miss those days of being a young strong buck, LOL.

This is an 10lb sledge

So there is not any good reason that you cannot stay in shape. Yes, it is hard but the benefits are enormous. I am finding that I am having more hip problems and I know it is because I sit in a chair all day. When I was younger and even with my wife, I always said that I would not let myself go when I got older. I do miss running with my daughter though. Those were always very special runs. It is nice to have our son over and working out in the backyard though. My wife Nunzia is in very good shape. She keeps herself fit and looking good so that is always a motivator.


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  • March 30, 2020 at 12:22 am

    I miss running with you too 🙂 <3


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