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On November 18, 2020 I received my new Ukulele that I ordered out of Haleiwa Hawaii. I ordered it off of their online site at http://the ukulelesite.com

I have been watching their site for about the past four to five years. I have a Cordoba Ukulele I have been messing around with and finally decided to upgrade. The Kala Tenor caught my eye. They had a good price with it so I bought it. I called the store and spoke to Joel who answered immediatly. He was very helpful and he does the setup. They test every instrument before it goes out. He suggested the strings that I should purchase. I wanted LOW G strings. He has some he made himself so I went with that. It took about two weeks to get the Ukulele.

It is a KALA Solid Acacia Tenor Cutaway Electric (KA-SA-TE-C). I got the UKE LOGIC Sop/Con/Ten “SOFT TENSION” High/low G (6 options) strings. Here is the Ukulele the day it arrived.

KALA Tenor Ukulele
My new Ukulele from Hawaii

The sound on this Ukulele is amazing. I really enjoy playing it. It was well worth the price. I have messed around with Guitars, even tried drumming a little and the Harmonica (which I still like playing), but really fell in love with playing the Uke. The log G string opens up more versatility with the Uke. It moves the G down one octave. The UKE is tuned GCEA and normally is tuned to a high G. It gives it a bright sound and is the standard tuning. With the LOW G tuning it sounds more mellow.

So for now; HAPPY UKE!

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