Projects, Projects, PROJECTS!

So, as with any house whether it is new or old there are always upkeep or repairs you have to do. So after fourteen (14) years in this house the wife and I decided it was time to do some remodeling. Of course we are not going to hire someone to do it considering two major factors: COVID and COST. Soooo, thanks to Youtube I started doing the remodeling myself. Of course painting is not hard to do. But we wanted some shelves put in the kitchen and everywhere I looked they were either cheap looking or expensive. I came across a video on YOUTUBE of shelves that were made for a kitchen on a farm. So I followed that, which was super easy. I still need to stain the shelves but I will be doing that soon. I need to fill the nail holes with wood filler and then probably going to stain it a dark color so there will be a good contrast against the white walls.

Here is what it did look like before I finished painting the walls.

Kitchen remodel November 2020

I will be posting somemore pictures of the kitchen soon. I am working on the cabinets. We are going to make the doors and drawers ultra white.

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